Packaging and health

Balanso offers you more than the right all-round program for detoxification, deacidification and the natural hormone balance. Balanso - the detox company - detoxifies people AND nature.

Balanso creates awareness of the poisonous and helps to recognize poisons, to avoid poisons and thus to reduce the consequences of poisoning, because we are all poisoned secretly and uncannily every day: when we eat, care for, breathe, even when we think and feel.

Most toxins, such as plastics, "do not kill us immediately", but they eventually become stress for the body and mind. Even this stress does not kill us immediately, but it stresses and disturbs the sensitive flow balance of the acid-base and hormone balance.

A very young or very healthy person can compensate for stress. An older or less healthy person can compensate for stress worse or at some point no longer. Body and mind begin to suffer.

If emissions from plastic packaging can disrupt the human hormone balance, what sense does it make to package products for a functioning hormone balance in plastic cans?

Natural products belong in natural packaging. That is why Balanso is a pioneer in sustainability and consequently uses only ecologically compatible and recyclable packaging made of paper and glass.

Balanso tea, food or bath salt packaging is, for example, 100% biodegradable and can be disposed of with the bio bin; Print media such as labels and catalogs are made from chlorine-free natural paper, plastics are avoided wherever possible from manufacture to dispatch. The Balanso eco-ethics principle is a new benchmark in this industry.

So start now with a clear conscience Balanso - the detox company - in your new life full of well-being and thus make an important contribution to a future healthier and healthier world.